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Welcome to B&B Web Feats,  a provider of web site design services.  We specialize in "brochure"  and storefront type sites.  If you would like to promote a web presence for your company or business, then this is the place to start.  We offer a variety of services to help your business realize more of its potential.  We also design family and personal pages. 

So come on in and look around.  If you see anything you like then by all means contact the webmaster.  We will reply to all inquiries as soon as possible.   Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your stay.

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B&B Web Feats is located in Jacksonville, Florida and has 27 years experience in the computer programming field and 10+ years on the internet.  We are doing our very best to get people involved in this continuously evolving technology.  

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Webmaster: webmaster@bbwebfeats.com

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